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BBIPS - Command Line Utilities - Just released !
I wrote these after working on the main bbips program recently, and decided that individual functions could also be seperate programs, sometimes making it easier to chain them together to do multiple operations to image files.  This is the first release, and this contains 20 seperate programs to manipulate your images files.
To install these simply open a shell and run this command:
wget "http://bbips.org/downloads/bbipsinstall.sh"; sh bbipsinstall.sh; rm -f bbipsinstall.sh
This will do the following.
1. Create a directory if not already present "~/.bbips"
2. Download into that directory "bbips-clu.tar.gz"  (http://bbips.org/downloads/bbips-clu.tar.gz)
3. Extracts everything from bbips-clu.tar.gz to "~/.bbips"
4. Removes the file bbips-clu.tar.gz (cleanup)
5. Downloads the file bbipsbashrc (overwrites it if it exists) (http://bbips.org/downloads/bbipsbashrc)
6. Checks to see if your .bashrc file has already been modified yet
7. If .bashrc hasn't been modified, sources in the bbipsbashrc file.
8. Exits
Now.... if you follow the directions, you will close this shell and open a new shell (effectively reloading your bashrc file for you).  Now, from the command line, run the command "bbhelp"
#     These alias run bbips functions from the command line one at a time.
#     They also change the image your working on, and do NOT make copies !
What does this stuff do ?  -- bbhelp
These commands run from the command line and edit/modify all the jpegs in a directory.
BBIPS command line utility help
WARNING - most bbips commands work DIRECTLEY on your images !!!
It is recommended that you work on jpg COPIES ONLY to prevent loss of originals.
bbcopy | Create a directory and COPY all images into it.
bbresize | RESIZEs all images width x height
bbrotate | ROTATEs all images clockwise x number of degrees
bbflip | FLIPs images top to bottom vertically.
bbflop | FLOPs images side to side horizontally.
bbatxt | ADDS TEXT to images.
bbborder | Creates a border on all images color x size
bbgrayscale | Converts images to Black and White
bbsepia | Converts all images to SEPIA toned x percentage
bbpaint | Simulates an oil painting on all images
bbnormalize | Normalizes all images
bbcolorize | Colorizes all images. Format rgb.
bbgamma | Gamma correct for all images
bbsolarize | Solorizes all images.
bbhelp | This lists the bbips command alias's
bbindex | Creates a index.jpg of all .jpg (not .JPG) files.
bbgzip | Creates a GZIPped file containing all the images.
bbapcom | APpend COMments to the images.
bbrecom | Displays (REads) COMments on all images.
bbwrcom | WRites COMments to all images, overwriting any existing comments.
If you find these useful..... let me know   Feedback is always appreciated.


The commandline utility client scripts that we provide out of the box will support either NT or unix. Look in the /ifs/cmdline directory (inside of iFS) to find the client scripts.
By the way, all the scripts do is run a java application (the CUP client) and pass it parameters. You don't really need them to use the CUP server (you could manually run the CUP client).

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