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Battery drainage

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Got Ipod Touch 32g. Been playing music for a little over an hour and the battery is half drained. Supposed to be 36 hours??? The screen is lit but I can't see how to have it auto shut off while playing, maybe that's the problem. I can't download the user manual for some reason to find an answer. Can someone help?


I think you might have a defective one because the battery should be able to last a whole lot longer. Turn off wifi, push data, set fetch data to manual, and turn off Nike Plus if it's on. If you as using more than just music it should still last longer than that. Also make sure your charger isnt messed up because I had one and it messed up m battery life. And turn off the screen when it's not in use by pressing the sleep/awake button. This should give you atleast 20 (or more) hours of battery life with just music. Of it doesn't then return it. BTW I have an iPod touch 2G myself.

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