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Batch Change Photo's

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I am looking to make a number of changes to photo's that I receive to make them web friendly.
I would like to be able to select a bunch of photo's (say around 70), reduce the size on disk, reduce the width to around 500px and also change the photo to black and white.
I know I can do all of it in iPhoto but it requires a number of steps of importing, exporting and re-importing, I wondered if anyone knew of a programme that would do everything I wanted in one go.


Thanks fro responding so quickly.
I have tried your suggestion but it doesn't seem to be working for me. I selected the file that has all the photo's and Automator copies those pics to the folder I specified but the resizing and colour doesnt work.
I have reduced the automator to just get the photo's and change the colour but that doesnt work for me either.

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