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ATV doesn't see home sharing & doesn't recognize my MobileMr

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While similar issues are here for the reading, none are quite the same as mine. So here goes:
I'm using a MacMini (Mid 2010: 2.26Ghz - which I will upgrade next Tuesday with a 2.66Ghz; 2GB SDRAM, L2 Cache 3MB). I'm a member of MobileMe. I'm running on 10.6.6, and have iTunes 10.2. On Jan 11th, I set up Airport Extreme, & installed my HP Printer and cable modem to it. Worked just fine. On March 1st I set up AppleTV, which I'm using to watch Netflix rentals on my TV. Upon plugging in the power, I installed the required upgrade. Everything is working great. No problems. Movies looked great. I have all the latest app's.
THEN I downloaded 2 apps: 1) MacDVD Ripper Pro, which allowed me to make backups of my DVD collection to view on my computer, thus saving wear & tear on the disks. BUT Movie only did not give me Closed Captioning UNLESS I ripped the entire disk (which is 2GB larger than just the movie). Went looking for an "editing" app where I could include Closed Captioning. I found and downloaded DVD Remaster Pro. This app gave me just what I wanted and more. I could convert my movies to .mv4 - which reduced the file to 1.24GB! I played my movie in ITunes; then I played my movie using; Qtime 7. The quality is excellent. It also said I could watch these movies on Apple TV - via ITunes. .Ah, THERE'S THE RUB…
When I go to the Apple TV menu, and select Computers, it tells me to open ITunes sharing. I HAVE! I have turned iTunes sharing on and off several times; the same for my Apple TV. It simply will NOT recognize my ITunes. Then I tried to link my iDisk on MobileMe; Apple TV does not recognize my account name. So I'm left with Netflix etc, & iTunes Store movies etc. to rent or buy - which is strange: It goes to iTunes for THE STORE, but NOT to my account! I'm very disappointed to say the least.
This leaves me with 2 ways to watch my movies on my TV: using a DVD player -OR setting up my computer to my TV (which I may try, but i'm not sure of the results). Any further ideas??


Found my answer by calling Applecare.
re: iTunes account. When setting up iTunes Home Sharing, yes, it can be setup from the Advance Tab, BUT you must ALSO go to preferences, Sharing and select which files. Then, open iTunes and pick a file containing your music or movies, etc. At the bottom are 3 icons: select the one that is a monitor covered by a triangle pointing down. Here change your speaker to Apple TV. When you open AppleTV, and go to Computer, your library appears, and can be played on your TV - which I did! The technician also warned me that my iTunes account must be open on my computer and my computer must not go to sleep while I am accessing iTunes files via AppleTV.
re: MobileMe. I'm told AppleTV cannot interact your iDisk. Using it here is basically only for photos. And it won't recognize your account name unless you have uploaded pictures into a MobileMe file. Haven't tried this one yet, but will. If it doesn't work, I will let you-all know

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