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Asp code in Dreamweaver

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How do I make this code work in Dreamweaver?
I need help badly.
' Declare variables
Dim strURL ' The URL of this page
Dim cnnSearch ' ADO connection
Dim rstSearch ' ADO recordset
Dim strSQL ' The SQL Query we build on the fly
Dim strSearch ' The text being searched for
Dim arrTerms ' An array of the terms in the search query
Dim strOperator ' Are we using AND or OR
Dim I ' Looping var
' Retreive the URL of this page from Server Variables
strURL = Request.ServerVariables("URL")
' Retreive the list of terms being searched for.
strSearch = Request.QueryString("search")
' FIgure out if the user requested an "AND" which only
' results which match all terms or an "OR" which returns
' which match any term.
If LCase(Request.QueryString("operator")) = "and" Then
strOperator = "AND"
strOperator = "OR"
End If
<p>Search our sample db by first or last name. (%
returns all)</p>
<form action="<%= strURL %>" method="get">
<input name="search" value="<%= strSearch %>" />
<select name="operator">
<option value="or" <% If strOperator="OR" Then
Response.Write(" selected=""selected""")%>>Any
<option value="and"<% If strOperator="AND" Then
Response.Write(" selected=""selected""")%>>All
<input type="submit" />
<p>[Try 'er in' for an example]</p>
If strSearch <> "" Then
' Create an ADO Connection to connect to the sample
Set cnnSearch = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
' This line is for the Access sample database:
'cnnSearch.Open "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data
Source=" & Server.MapPath("database.mdb") & ";"
' We're actually using SQL Server so we use this line
cnnSearch.Open "Provider=SQLOLEDB;Data Source=;" _
& "Initial Catalog=samples;User
Id=samples;Password=password;" _
& "Connect Timeout=15;Network Library=dbmssocn;"
' Double up single quotes
strSearch = Replace(strSearch, "'", "''")
' Split search phrase into individual terms
arrTerms = Split(strSearch, " ")
' Build our query based on the input.
strSQL = "SELECT last_name, first_name, sales FROM [sample]
' Loop over terms including each one.
For I = LBound(arrTerms) to UBound(arrTerms)
' I'm searching both first and last name fields so
' I need to do both for each search term.
strSQL = strSQL & "( last_name LIKE '%" &
arrTerms(I) & "%'"
strSQL = strSQL & " OR first_name LIKE '%" &
arrTerms(I) & "%')"
' Use the appropriate operator to combine the individual
search terms
If I < UBound(arrTerms) Then
strSQL = strSQL & " " & strOperator & " "
End If
Next 'I
' Order by last_name
strSQL = strSQL & " ORDER BY last_name;"
'Response.Write strSQL
' Execute the query
Set rstSearch = cnnSearch.Execute(strSQL)
' Display the results
<table border="1">
Do While Not rstSearch.EOF
<td><%= rstSearch.Fields("first_name").Value %>
<%= rstSearch.Fields("last_name").Value %></td>
<td><%= rstSearch.Fields("sales").Value
' Close our recordset and connection and dispose of the
Set rstSearch = Nothing
Set cnnSearch = Nothing
End If


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