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ARD .pkg installation and Command Failed message

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Hello. I just installed ARDv3 on my G5 as the admin Mac for ARD. I have created a .pkg (with Package Maker) to install on another client computer via ARD. I am up to date for ARD and the ARD client. I've sent three different packages to be installed on the same client computer via ARD; two were already created from reputable software mfgs. and one I created myself. Everytime I try to get one of them to install (under Manage > Install Packages command within ARD) I get the message that the Command Failed. How do I determine what is causing this message? I was trying to send the different .pkgs to see if I was incorrectly creating a .pkg and thus the failure. But to have two other different .pkgs fail also, makes me wonder if something is wrong in my ARD setup. If someone has encountered similar problems, I'd appreciate your feedback.


Since you have / encrypted, its decryption must happen from the initramfs (after the kernel is loaded, but before initscripts kick in). So you need to make sure that the appropriate kernel modules are being included there - so check your /etc/mkinitcpio.conf. I would think that the crypto modules are autodetected, but maybe not. Try including them in the MODULES field in mkinitcpio.conf, regenerating it 'sudo mkinitcpio -p kernel26' and rebooting.
EDIT: The error message looks like that your processor doesn't support this extra extension (googling showed up that this message is emitted in this case); so perhaps mkinitcpio included the incorrect aes module into the initramfs.
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