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Apps wont update and cant download anything from Itunes

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I've been using my Iphone4 for 10 months now and haven't had any problems. I updated to iOs5 and iOs5.01. I never resorted to jailbreaking it nor would never resort in the future.. I believe in purchasing apps and paying the developers for really good apps. Recently though I've been having trouble updating them. My app store app has a red 10 and i cant update any of the apps that are listed due for updating.. Whenever i try to click on an individual app that has a small progress bar at the bottom the phone will say "unable to download application... *app name* could not be downloaded at this time". I've been trying for a couple of weeks now and was able to update 3 apps.. the others just wont.. I also tried downloading any random app and it didnt work as well. Sometimes i get the message "cannot connect to istore or itunes store" or something like that.. Please help!!!


Some Users have reported that a Restore as New has helped resolve issues...
Backup and Set Up as New Device
Updating to iOS 5

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