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Apple TV is working but screen is blank

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My Apple TV appears to be working fine, as the led blinks when I use the remote, and I'm able to play songs from iTunes Library, but I can't get anything to appear on the screen.
What I've tried so far:
1.) Connecting with both HDMI and 2 different sets of component cables. (not leaving HDMI plugged in while using component)
          The TV recognizes that there is a signal there, with each different set-up. SO I've ruled this out
2.) Holding down menu + for 6 seconds to cycle through the resolutions.
          This cycles through and the TV recognizes several, but no picture ever appears.
3.) Holding down Menu - for 6 seconds to do a factory re-set.
          This worked, the LED turned amber, and the Apple TV played the initial startup sound, but I never saw a picture.
4.) Unplugging everything for 15 minutes, and then reconnecting it all
Nothing I do seems to work.
The apple TV worked fine last week, before I had internet. I went out of town for a week and had Fios installed, then plugged in the ethernet cable, and went to turn it on and now I've got nothing.
please Help


To be certain you might want to try the Apple TV with another TV, but it may well be that the graphics have failed on the Apple TV.

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