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Apple TV- home sharing wont recognize user/password

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trying to set up Apple TV for the first time.  It won't allow me to complete the home sharing set up as it keeps stating that my user name and password are incorrect (they work fine on itunes so I know I'm using the right information).  I've updated my itunes software so that is not the issue.
Any help is greatly appreciated.


I ran into this issue last night.  Servers have been up and down and I'm guessing they're being over loaded as people are still updating and the same servers might be being used to stream iTunes Radio.  I went back this morning and the issue was gone.  I apologize that you're having such a big issue, on the plus side considering that some people are having big issues with this new content it might be a blessing.  Try again in a day or so, beyond iTunes Radio you're really not missing much.

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