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Apple Discussion Stylesheets not loading

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Greetings everyone,
I was away for some time and just came back to see a whole new Apple Discussions! Way to go team, this new one has a lot of promises.
However one thing, whenever I visit here, the stylesheets don't seem to load! Also I can't get the images to load as well, I mean the images at the top of the page with the Apple navigation are OK, but nothing else...guess, I'll print a pdf and upload it somewhere...
Anyway, when I view the activity screen, it shows a "forbidden" infront of the css link...
I'm using Safari, Mac OS X 10.4.2...


Hi bullet350,
Can you tell us if you are running any ad blocker facility like Privoxy or using /etc/hosts to block akamai.com ? Also, tell us if you are connected through a VPN server or other secure connection.
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