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Apparently can't authorize for iBooks

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Hoping this is a transient problem, but just in case:
I have several purchased iBooks that I'm trying to read on my Mac (Mavericks).
I go to open a book from the iBooks Library window.  I get an authorization dialog, and enter my info - then nothing happens.
If I try it again, I get the same thing, an authorization prompt.  Same result.
The Store menu in iBooks shows both the "Authorize this computer" and "Deauthorize this computer" options available.  Attempting authorize from here - same result.
I've checked id, rebooted, etc.  The only interesting thing I can contribute is this error from the log:
12Dec13 11:36:05.927 AM iBooks[512]: [CKMachineAuthorization authorizeMachineWithAppleID:]; error="The server gave an error during download: 500 Internal Server Error."
Which makes me hope it's a transient error... anyone else see this?


Simon hello,
Quit iTunes...
Download Cocktail and start the program... click on the 'interface' Icon and tick 'Show Invisible Items' then click the Restart button...
In a finder window click on the Icon that is your Boot Volume in the Side Bar ... select users ... select shared folder ... select the folder named 'SC info' and put it in the trash and empty it ... Do Not touch any other file.
Pathway looks like this HD > users > shared > SC info > SC Info.sidb
Go back to the Cocktail 'interface' window and untick Show Invisible Items and click restart .. quit Cocktail.
Start iTunes after deletinng this folder and it will prompt you to enter your authorization information again ... see now if your problem still exists...
Let's know how you get on Simon ... take care ... TP

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