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App to Sync Camera Roll Photos to Online Album (Facebook, Google, other?)

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I was looking for an application that uploads or syncs my iPhone 4's camera roll to an online album with the least amount of effort possible. This could be either an iPhone app or a program for my Windows Vista computer, whatever gets me an album that is continuously updated as I shoot photos. I am using mostly Facebook albums, Google photos/Picasa, and a Blogspot/Blogger blog, but I can and will use whatever service that works with this desired app of mine.
(by "continuously," I don't mean exactly live, but rather an app that does this synchronization or uploading whenever I open up the app or whenever I have wi-fi, or whenever I sync with my computer, or anything at all that doesn't require too much effort on my part. I just don't want to have to manually copy and paste photos from my iPhone to my computer then upload them individually to my online albums every time I take new photos)
Does anyone know of an app like this?


I don't really upload pics directly myself, but there's a lot of space between automatic upload and individual upload through the computer. I should think you'd be able to get the effort level down to "Open app--select Upload--select a bunch of pics--click OK" without a huge problem.
The Flickr app seems to want you to upload one by one, but here's some other apps to check out--I find this site easier to use than iTunes:

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