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An "issue" between Comcast and  Mail???

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My account at Comcast perfectly worked with Mail for more than a year. Tonight I noticed that mail stopped coming since early morning. I sent myself a test message and didn't receive it. So I checked my inbox at Comcast through their web portal, and found 50+messages that Mail have not retrieved. The first one was of 11/17, the last one my test few minutes ago. Interestingly, some of the messages that Mail did retrieve were dated in between.
Then I went to "live chat" with Comcast tech support. The first analyst that I got to suggested couple of things. They didn't work, so I went to the chat again. Here is what I got from the second one:
D> Thank you for contacting Comcast. My name is David, how may I assist you today?
m> Hi David. I am having problems with email. I can see incoming messages via web portal, but I can't retrieve them with Mac Mail. I already did a lot of things on the advice of another analyst, it still does not work.
D> I apologize however you will need to contact Apple for assistance with this as we do not provide technical asssistance with Mac Mail.
m> Mac Mail is not the issue. I have another account - not at comcast - which works fine. This account also worked fine for two years, and the problem started only few days ago. I am sure Apple has nothing to do with it.
D> This is an issue with Mac Mail working with the Comcast service.
m> What changed in Comcast service on November 17 that it stopped working?
D> Again I apologize however we are unable to provide assistance with Mac Mail.
Can anybody tell me who should I contact at Apple and how? I can't find anything useful at the Apple support site.
Or maybe somebody knows what the "issue" might be? I can send mail but can't receive. I can both send and receive mail from a different, non-comcast account. All settings in Mail are correct and have not been changed for a long time (and it worked). Interestingly, Entourage can retrieve messages from that same account.


No email client is capable of blocking spam or any email at the incoming mail server for an account. This can be done by your ISP or email account provider only.
The Mail.app junk mail filter has always worked great for me with no changes made or additions to the default settings.
Something I did several years ago which was prompted by a company transfer/move to another city which required changing my email address even though my ISP didn't change and the amount of spam received was nearly eliminated.
Have a private and public email account/address. Use the private address to exchange email with family and friends only and never provide this email address for any other purpose such as when making an online purchase, website access, etc.
Use a free Hotmail or Yahoo account with webmail access for your "public" email address.
Once the cat if out of the bag, it is too late so changing your private email address will be required especially if your ISP or email account provider does not include a spam filter at the server and/or a method to forward spam received so your ISP or email account provider can block the sender's IP address from sending mail to any address at their domain.
Check Why was I "spammed" at my .Mac Mail address? for information about the reasons you receive spam at any email address and two basic ways to deal with unwanted messages.

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