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Alternative to Aperture & Adobe Photoshop??

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Im looking for the best photo editing program for mac, i have adobe already and it seems that aperture wont run on my ibook g4 at the moment. Basically im looking for a very good program for apple along the lines of those software..
any ideas/suggestions??


I agree with the other posters here. If you only have one program, it should be CS2. Along with Bridge you have the basics needed for managing your photo library (no where near what is offered by Aperture) and the best photo editing program on the planet. If, however, you want some of the functionality of CS2, but without the cost, I would suggest Adobe Elements. It's the little brother of CS2 at a fraction of the cost with many of CS2's key features, but without a lot of the bells and whistles.
If your photo editing needs run on the simpler side, Elements should do, and it doesn't require the horsepower of CS2.
Jeff Weinberg

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