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Album view split into multiples

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I have a particular album that seems to be always split as though it's multiple albums, containing only one song.
I've tried all the tricks that I know of, including the Get Info trick, and even ticking the compilation option.  I've even re-named all the song titles, and even manually deleted & re-imported songs.
For some reason, I haven't been able to solve this one, and I've put this little problem aside for the last week or two, but now I'm starting to wonder if I ran into another iTunes bug here.  Using the latest version.


ALL of the tag data has to match for the songs belonging to any given album (except of courser for track number and title). Just select ALL tracks on the album and re-enter the information. If you still have problems, go to View > View Options and enable (temporarily) a wider variety of columns to view in the iTunes window. You should then see where the discrepancy is.
FWIW, on the album you're having trouble with, there are some tracks with different artists, so you may need to populate the Album Artist field with 50 Cent in order to keep things grouped together properly.

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