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AirPort Extreme powers down when iMac is shut down

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9-month old AirPort Extreme, with two hardwire connections: one to the DSL modem, and one to an iMac. After months of perfect performance and reliability, the AirPort extreme now completely powers down as soon as the iMac is shut down or goes to sleep. It powers back up with the iMac. Logging out the iMac to another user account does not shut down the AE.
Naturally, we checked the electrical supply for all three devices and they are all plugged into a perfectly ordinary surge supressor strip.
We're thinking the AE has a hardware failure...but what kind of bizarre symptom is this that it shuts down when it loses signal from it's only Ethernet client?


This is certainly odd. Have you tried a different port on the AEX?
It may be best to contact Apple about a warranty exchange.

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