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After range and formula expansion

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I' ve the same issue, i need to introduce a subtotal with the after range function, but i've a formula in a column, which is expansioned, this formula reffers to members in the rows, the problem is when the after range row is introduced the formula doesn't take this row into account so the reference is bad.
I explain myself:
                          a                        b                                   c                              
1                    10000                 clientA                                evget(a1,b1....)
2                      20000               ClientA                             evget(a2,b2....)
3                     10000                  clientB                            evget(a3,b3,....)
But if i insert the after range
                          a                            b                                         c
1                 10000                       clientA                      evget(a1,b1.....)
2                20000                        clientA                        evget(a2,b2...)
3EVAFTER                                                                      =evsum
4              10000                           clientB                       evget(a3,b3....)
If you can see in the row 4 the formula lost the correct reference.
Any suggestion?
I'm thinking in put the input schedule into stactic but is not a good solution, i can't insert blank rows because in the expansion i'm saying the bas members of a parent.
Thanx in advance


Hi Jose,
If you have an expansion in the rows and columns, then just write the formula as evget($A1,$B1....) in the first row.
Please note that I have used $ symbol in front of the column number to make them static. The row number has been kept dynamic. Now, if you run an expand, then the formula will be copied to the other cells, appropriately.
Hope this helps.

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