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Adobe Bridge CS3 is crashing everytime it attempts to open.

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I am running a MacBook Pro with 10.9.4.  Today when I attempted to open Bridge CS3, it crashed. No error. Just crash. Repeatedly.  I have deleted all Adobe and reinstalled, but Bridge continues to crash. I have used the "shift/option" menu to reset prefs, etc, and it still crashes. I downloaded a supposed patch for Bridge & installed it even though my APP store didn't want me to, and Bridge continues to crash.
I'm a photographer and depend on Bridge as my photo browser.
Any other ideas for me to try?


Well, I don't know what just happened to the gremlins, but get this:
On a whim, I held down only the shift key while attempting once again to open Bridge. And it OPENED without crashing.
I was afraid to let up on the key...but I did and Bridge did not crash. I browsed a couple of photo folders, closed Bridge....reopened it WITHOUT the shift key & it opened. I've now tried that several times and it's not crashing. And while I'm glad it's working, I'm not holding my breath that it will continue to work.  WEIRD.
I'm going to re-start the macbook pro and see what happens.

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