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ADF Bindings with LOV

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I have a list of values field on my page and when i select a value from this, it defaults the values to the other fields too. However these(defaulted fields) are not getting saved eventhough i set the property for these fields as Autosubmit=true.Any ideas?


Hi Shay,
I set the partial trigger to the parent item. but still the same. I was able to default the child items when a parent item is selected. However, the data structure i have is an XML data and not from a VO.
1. My adf table is based on XML payload.
2. Created a VO with 3 columns
3. Created 3 new columns in the adf table.One of them is Input List of values
4. Drag and dropped the 3 feilds from VO data control onto these fields
when i run this page, i can select the values from the LOV and it gets defaulted to the remaining 2 fields.
Now i want to populate the 3rd field value into one of the columns(which is not in the VO) in the adf table.

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