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Add another column under sub total column in alv

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hi guys,
is there any way i can add a new column under sub total column in alv function and have my own calculation for it


Hi Radha,
I doubt if that can be changed....because the event that i was referring to in my previous post works with ALV List display...But in any case you can try that.....
There is an event in SLIS....(As i told you, i dont remember the name and currently i dont have access to SAP system, so i am not able to verify and let you know that event name).....
Other thatn TOP and END of PAGE events, there is an event for sub-total text......i think it would start with "SUBTOTAL"...
you need to use that event in your events table and pass it to ALV Grid display.
Then create a sub-routine with that name (As you do for TOP-OF-PAGE event)....and in this event you can change the values in runtime (PROVIDED, this event gets triggered for ALV GRID).....
If this does not work, i think calculating sub-totals while you build the internal table would be a better option....(If you have time constraint....else you can do some more research on the same)........
Best Regards,

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