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Activation button not working in Solution builder 600V5

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We are importing Best Practice for Retail V1.603 for US in our blank
client system. The add-ons for BP-ERP05 603V3 and BP-INSTASS 600V5 have
been imported.
After setting the scope of the solution , we are attempting to activate
the solution( attempting to execute step #6 as per quickguide. FYI,
step 4 was skipped because we are not personalising the solution at the
moment). However, after pressing the activate button, the system does
an object check for ecatts etc but does not show the "activate
solution" dialog box at all. Basically "Activate" button is behaving
same as "Check" button. No window for customising or workbench requests.
The system is not updating the status( no green and no red as well)
against any task for the building blocks.
Kindly provide a resolution.
With regards,


Use manual step as workaround and get going.

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