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ACS Express 5.0 - "unique authentication" what does it mean?

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Hi to all,
the ACS Express 5.0 datasheet states: "Cisco ACS Express supports a maximum of 50 AAA clients and 350 unique user logins in a 24-hour period"
It's clear what's the meaning of the max 50 AAA clients...in fact what is not clear is regarding the max 350 uniques user authentication.
If I use 802.1 IBNS with PEAP-MSCHAP to do machine authenticaion each machine authentication will count as a unique logon...isn'it? What happens if there are Laptop assigned to sales which spent a lot of time out of the office???
Each time these laptops reconnect to the network wil count as an extra logon or and increase the logon counter of one or since this laptop is already authenticated on the morning t won't count as an extra unique logon...
My question is related to the fact that I have a customer who wanto to introduce IBNS-802.1X but have "only" 20-25 AAA clients and max. 200 users (where about 100 are laptop)...and using ACS 5.0 in a redundant way will be too expensive...
Thanks for a reply


The ACS Express 5.0 Appliance is designed for a maximum of 350 users. This limit does not apply to the number of logins.
Cisco Secure Access Control Server Express 5.0 QA
Q. How is Cisco Secure ACS Express positioned in comparison to Cisco Secure ACS for Windows (ACS Windows) and Cisco Secure ACS Solution Engine (ACS SE)?
A. ...Cisco Secure ACS Express is well suited for deployments that need an access control solution for fewer than 350 users and 50 devices. This product is intended to serve small to medium-sized businesses, retail sites and enterprise branch offices where customers need an easy-to-use GUI yet require a comprehensive but simple feature set and a lower price point to address their specific deployment needs.
For a detailed feature set, please refer to the Cisco Secure ACS Express data sheet at http://www.cisco.com/go/acsexp....

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