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Accidenally uptated to ios 8.1.2 on ipad air.

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Hi. My Granddaughter accidentally updated to ios 8.1.2 on to my ipad air 16 GB, this I dont't really want as it is taking up more memory.  When I tap on the iso 8.1.2 icon it gives me an option to "Delete Update" this is in red, Question :- can I delete the 8.1.2. update safely and go back to the original ios 7.1.2, which I would like to do.
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If you have the option to delete it then you haven't installed it. Your daughter likely got a popup saying there was an update available and offering her to download it.
If you do eventually decide to update, you can always use iTunes to install the update. Then you don't need memory on your device, it expands and uses your computer's temporary memory to expand.
You will face weekly reminders telling you that you haven't updated, so you and she will have to be aware and pay attention to the choices you make or you may face the same situation again. Also, the red reminders badge on your settings will not go away until you update it. You can likely remain at 7.1.2 for quite some time, however eventually you guys will find that newer apps will not support iOS7 so you'll have the choice to update or not get those apps.

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