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Accessing Shared Resources of another computer

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Im migrating a program in visual basic to java. I need help on a class or functions that views shared resources on another computer just like as windows command "net view".
Someone told me to use Runtime.getRuntime().exec("net view PC"); But I need it also to run in linux and I don't want it to be OS dependent. Is there any existing API for this?


Again you can not use a 'shared' resource if you do not have access from the other box.
It doesn't matter what you do in java - it just will not work.
In the same way you can't talk to another computer if there is no link (network) between them.
So do you have that access in the first place?
Windows file sharing is possible from linux. The easiest way to do it is to set it up on the box as an admin. And there are a number of complications with that and I seriously doubt that it is viable to do that via a java app.
If you just want to communicate then do so. And file access is easily done with FTP.
I suppose that you could, yourself, replicate the interface that windows uses for file sharing. It would take a lot of work with an a minimum a very good understanding of how windows does it and which would require you to learn with packet sniffing (since I seriously doubt this is documented.) You could tear apart one of the linux solutions that implement it as well. But regardless a lot of work.

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