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I have one excel file as follows;
Insured               Policy #     Attn to               Fax
Spring Industries, Inc. WC-000008-03     Juengermann, Allen      (805) 644-1842
I want read only policy # from this file to check the policy number is exists in table or not.
If some body worked on this then please help me.
Thanks in advance.


You have the architecture the wrong way around. An Excel spreadsheet should be the client and not the server.
If the data in Excel is to be shared and used by a number of database users, then that spreadsheet must be moved from Excel into Oracle.
Excel is not a data server that can share spreadsheet data to a number of concurrent users. Oracle is.
If the spreadsheet data is not a "multi-user data set", then Excel is indeed the client. A client that wants to check whether the policy # exist in the database.
In this case you need to write an Excel macro (using VB for Applications?) that opens an ODBC connection to the Oracle server and run a SQL (with bind variables) to determine if the server knows about that policy or not.
UTL_FILE has no role to play in any of this.

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