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"About my Mac" under "Storage" causing freezes

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Hello all,
I usually figure these things out myself (relatively minor issues with my mac, OS X, etc.) but today I'm unable to resolve my issue.
After installing an Intel 530 series 180gb MLC SSD, cloning my drive over, I've been having annoying long freezes with the rainbow pinwheel whenever I click on the "storage" tab in the "About my Mac" window. I've gone through extensive diagnosis (resetting PRAM, SMC, even reinstalling with a fresh copy of Mavericks... nothing did the trick.) I looked under the Console error messages, it came up with something about SATA recognition failure. I'm unable to post the specific error message as it isn't appearing right now; after extended sleep or doing a reboot once in a while, it comes back and decides to freeze up the system for roughly 5 seconds or so.
I've looked into the issue and disabling SSD sleep did nothing, a reinstall did nothing either. I highly doubt it's an SSD issue, as the rest of the system works insanely fast and flawlessly. I had TRIM manually enabled through Groth's Trim Enabler (go google it), and disabled in hope that this would solve the issue. Being enabled or disabled, it made no difference. I was still getting the annoying hang on the "About my Mac" window.
Anyone know what's going on? My SSD is perfectly compatible with this computer, it seems that OS X has a bug where it can't seem to find the drive's specifications and the amount of data shown (colored bars with corresponding amounts of different types of data).
Greatly appreciated,


could it be an issue with your MacBook Pro’s internal SATA cable?
If you still have your original hard drive, try reïnstalling it internally and connect your SSD externally, but boot from the external SSD and go about your normal routine. If the problem isn’t reproducible in that way, then your internal SATA cable might be the culprit, since hard drives seem to be more tolerant of SATA cable faults than SSDs are.

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