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Aaggghhhh......help me doctor..-I want to burn cd, am running out of disks!

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I am going into itunes(8.2) music folder dragging tracks into burn folder, it goes through process of burning onto blank cdr but there is nothing on it when I put it into old cd player!
-i have destroyed several cdrs burning nuffink!
a friend said there is a dialogue box for burning standard cd but i can't find it-why is this happening, It did come up with a dialogue box for- to play on windows and mac -but I don't want it to play on computer just at home/car.
Also does 700mb disc not cover 700mb- only 80 minutes of musak?-do I need different media to put big file onto?


A exclamation mark next to an item means the file associated with that track cannot be found. When you get info (command + i) on the item it will present you with an option to track down that file and re-associate it with the item in the playlist.
If you are absolutely positive your AAC files are mp3 there are ways to get them to be recognized as mp3. However, you must have used a different encoder to do that and it must have been a poorly designed one to make such a basic error. I still think that you probably have duplicates of songs in your library in different formats. It is unlikely in the extreme that a mp3 would be identified as AAC unless you hand edited the file name in the Finder window to end in .aac instead of .mp3.
May I politely add that I am having problems following your posts without punctuation and full sentences and this may be causing me to misunderstand the specifics. I am also getting very brief statements that are making it very hard for me to follow exactly what is going on: "clik apple- i or- r and nothing happens, but they are mp3s not recognised in itunes as being mp3s and told they cannot be found! and that they are AAC files!" Do you truly mean nothing at all happens? Absolutely nothing at all, like your keyboard is dead? Additionally, you don't click on those. You select/highlight a single track then hold down the command key which is, depending upon the keyboard, has an apple on it, or a thing shaped like a propeller, or may have "command" written on it. At the same time you press the command key you press "i" to get info or "r" to reveal the location of the file associated with that track. If a file cannot be found then itunes won't recognize it as anything other than a name listing in the music library - it loses all the other information.

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