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6700 slide - keeps trying to connect to internet

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I recently bought the nokia 6700 slide and have been having the same problems as others, with the screen saver etc
One which I haven't seen coming up before though is that at random times a display box comes up on my screen asking whether to connect via O2 WAP or O2 internet, even when I'm not using the internet or not even touching the phone!  I'm not sure if it's some fuction on the phone that is trying to connect or what.
It wasn't bothering me that much until this morning when my alarm didn't go off.  When I looked at my phone the little display box was on the screen and only when I cancelled that did the alarm go off.  A text message also came in when the display box was cancelled, although it had been sent an hour earlier.
I can't really rely on the alarm function until I get this sorted out so if anyone has any tips, they'd be much appreciated!


try these
Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Admin. settings > SIP settings
Delete any profile defined in there.
Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Admin. settings > Packet data
Set "Packet data connection" to "When needed
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Now using the Lumia 1520

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