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3.0 Install Error on XE

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Hello all,
upgrading Application Express from 2.2.1 to 3.0 on XE failed here twice with four errors from apexins.sql ( coreins.sql has been edited as need ).
++++ number one+++++
- exception on copy FLOWS_020200.WWV_FLOW_FND_USER
Upgrade Error
Line 47, Column 2 PL/SQL: ORA-00904:"Logged_in_since_upgrade": Invalid Name
wwv_Flow_upgrade.g_row_cnt:=0;for c1 in(select ....
+++++ number two to four++++++++++
Upgrade Action
- error on Grant
Upgrade Error
-ORA-04042: Procedure, Function, Package or Package Body does not exist.
Upgrade_Command ( s):
grant execute on FLOWS_030000.APPLICATION_AUTHENTICATION to public;
grant execute on FLOWS_030000.DEVELOPMENT_SERVICE_HOME to public;
grant execute on FLOWS_030000.DEVELOPMENT_SERVICE_SIGNUP to public;
All these exist in the previous schema FLOWS_020200.
Is it possible to recreate these objects ( procedures, i suppose ) from FLOWS_0202000 into FLOWS_030000 or is this a 'Don't ' caused oninternal differences?


I also noticed this after I update my phone maps application to 3.0. After updating when I tried using map loader it gave me exactly same error but as the map application updater has already installed new maps for my location I am least bothered about this.

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