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10.5 freezes during install

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I have a G5 iMac (iSight) who's hard drive died (at least that's what it looked like). So I purchased a new Seagate 250gb drive and installed it. I started up from the 10.5 install disk, formatted the drive with Disk Utility, then proceeded to install the software. It gets about half way done then i get the gray screen telling me i need to restart the machine. What is going on? Does this mean the computer has other problems besides the HDD?


GoCubbies07 wrote:
Every time I try to update to 10.5.5, the bar just stops moving. I've updated my itunes and such since then with no problems but I can't update to OS 10.5.5. What's the deal?
Reboot in safe mode by holding down shift key on boot. At login screen click restart and see if system boots normally.
Then do what VK suggests - apply (or reapply) update manually.

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