• Class HTMLDocument.HTMLReaderOctober 25

    Sorry for my cross posting. But I figured out that I posted my question in wrong forum. So now I got right place. That is why I am posting it again. sorry about that. I want to know where can I find some example, tutorial or sample of how to use Clas

  • How to instantiate HTMLDocumentOctober 25

    Hi Gurus, I have the HTML text in a String variable, somthing like this String myStr = "<html><head><title>Test </title></head><body><h1>Welcome</h1></body></html>"; How can i get an in

  • When updating from iTunes I recirved an error message and all contacts were deleated.  What can I do to get them back?October 25

    When updating from iTunes I recirved an error message and all contacts were deleated.  What can I do to get them back?Have you tried restoring your phone in itunes from your most recent backup?Read other 2 answers

  • Multiple dropdowsOctober 25

    Hi All I have 3 dropdown boxes. Based on my selction in 1st dropdown, it should populate second dropdown and based on choice in second dropdown third dropdown need to be populated. I have populated the entire structure in my java objects into javascr

  • Ajax and servlets !October 25

    I need to pass java objects to the response of a xmlHttpRequest , and in javascript I need to process all of them. How can I do that ?Either convert them to String so that it can become part of XML, or use JSON.Read other 2 answers

  • Nashorn SecurityOctober 25

    Greets- 1) Since people probably are going to be running a variety of dynamically-generated code within nashorn, what is done to allow the javascript code to be sandboxed? 2) Is something like     nashorn.put("java", null);     nashorn.put("

  • When updating iPhone 4S IOS can you choose  version to installOctober 25

    when updating iPhone 4S IOS can you choose  version to install?No. You can update to the current version only. 6.0.1 as of this writing.Read other 2 answers

  • Store Java Objects in Netweaver Portal SessionOctober 25

    Dear all, I have the following question: I want to store some user specific java objects in the user session of the SAP Netweaver Enterprise Portal. We are using Java Web Application Server 7.0 Service Pack 21 Does the WebDynpro framework offer some

  • Add Strings in native methodsOctober 25

    Hi, I'm using a short java program which calls a native method inC++. I pass a String in the native method, and everything works well. But what must I do if I want to add to this word another word, and return the new word in the java program? For exa

  • T60 Issues with Vista, BlueScreen, etc.October 25

    Hello, Been having lots of issues with my T60 w/ Vista on start up for about 3 months, had to do quite a few restarts for no real reason, etc. Then yesterday: - I started him up after dinner. It allowed me to sign into Windows and said Welcome! but t

  • Ascii for JavaOctober 25

    I am currently rewriting a number of my VB programs and in one of my programs i am manipulating the output of a flat panel display. I manipulate this display by sending Ascii character codes to the flat panel display. Coming from VB i would just use

  • Major issues in LionOctober 24

    I'm having some big problems after just upgrading to Lion. I was rearranging a few things in the launchpad and then the desktop background was flashing between the default background and a blank gray screen. I've rebooted a few times and have of cour

  • AFP mount from Bonjour "Shared" times outOctober 24

    I just got back from a break, fired up the server, updated everything that's come out in the past 2 or 3 weeks. Upon restart, I've been having issues with Screen Sharing and AFP. I seemingly have fixed the Screen Sharing issues by trashing prefs, res

  • Serializing object in ListOctober 24

    Is there special configuration necessary to serialize Java concrete types from a List to concrete AS types in an ArrayCollection?<br /><br />I have some classes (see below examples) where my Java class contains a List of concrete types (e.g. L

  • Mac Pros are stalling on shutdownOctober 24

    Please read completely to avoid recommending things I have already tried. The setup: 4 Mac Pro 2.8 Xeon 6GB memory OSX 10.5.6 Apple Raid Card with Raid 1 setup These four machines replaced G4 machines and the data was migrated with the migration tool

  • Java Datestamp format questionOctober 24

    Hi all, I have a column in a SQL Server database of type DATESTAMP and I want to put the exact time of a certain action in there when a record is added. But the timestamp seems to be causing me trouble when I try to insert it. So far I have this (par

  • Hard drive mysteryOctober 24

    Hey all, I'm having some problems with the hard disk on my machine (which has 10.4 installed on it). Here are the facts: - When trying to boot up normally off the internal hard drive, it goes to the gray screen with the Apple logo and sits there fore

  • Integrating Java FX in WebsiteOctober 24

    Hello, I have read some articles about java fx and found some good examples that show how java fx can easy create applications. But I always read "Java Fx vs Adobe Flash"... But Flash could mostly found in web.. It is possible to integrate Java

  • System hangs on MSI splash screen - No POSTSOctober 24

    Can anyone help? My system was working fine 'til I connected a USB 2.0 40Gb hard disk. It recognised the disk and I was opening a file on the disk when the system crashed. It now won't boot at all but hangs on the initial MSI splash screen. The d-bra

  • Rmiregistry cache/db?October 24

    HI, I'm seeing some confusing behavior. I'm using: - WinXP Pro - JDK 1.5.0_08 - Simple rmi app (Date Server) Steps: 1) Start rmiregistry 2) Start Server, which registers RemoteDateImpl obj with rmiregistry. 3) Quit Server 4) Quit rmiregistry 5) Start

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