• MacPro sudden shutdownMay 25

    My MacPro will boot up and run normally for about an hour after which it suddenly shuts off. At this point the power button is unresponsive. After waiting about an hour, the computer will restart (again as if nothing had been wrong) when the power bu

  • GetDefaultToolkit - what is default?May 25

    I have the following code in a JSP file: Dimension screenSize = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getScreenSize(); int iWidth = screenSize.width - 250; int iHeight = screenSize.height - 180;*/Can anyone tell me, when I run this JSP off a Tomcat server, doe

  • MacPro Random RestartsMay 25

    Hi Community, my MacPro system (late 2009; 10.6.5) restart after it is a while in sleep mode. I've this issue two times in the last two days at a similar time (Round about 10:30 pm). At this time the system write the following message in the console:

  • MacPro random restartingMay 25

    Hello there, I own a MacPro, running OS X 10.6.8. Several weeks ago it began to restart on its own, right after I turned it on. I ignored the issue and continued to work with it for several weeks. Suddenly yesterday it began to behave funky again, to

  • Default  ToolkitMay 25

    Hi, was just going through a code http://javaalmanac.com/egs/java.net/GetImage.html?l=rel Here there is a line java.awt.Image image = java.awt.Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getDefaultToolkit().createImage(url);to get image from the specified url. what

  • The last backup of Cisco Unity Connection failed.May 25

    The last time i tried to get the backup, the system was freezeand i could not finished. The main page shows the following message error: The last backup of Cisco Unity Connection failed. For more information, go to Backup > History page in the Disast

  • Progression on simple timerMay 25

    I currently have a simple progress bar working example that does exactly as I hoped it would. What I would like to do instead, is have my Task simply do nothing for X amount of seconds and show the lapsed time in the progress bar instead of actually

  • CUC 10.5 DRS Backup failsMay 24

    Hi, Cisco Unity Connection DRS Backup fails after 100% saying "ERROR: Backup failed due to an interruption during file copy to backup media, Backup Completed..."Also removed HTMLNotification from backup (unchecked the option). We are using Ftpd.

  • SetBounds(0,0,-1,-1) make a JInternalFrame disappearMay 24

    Hi all, I have problem on making a JInternalFrame (searchInvoicePanel) appearing on screen. I work with Netbeans 5.5 and the form designer automatically generates the searchInvoicePanel.setBounds method to (0, 0, -1, -1), while the normalBounds prope

  • Unity Connection documentation errorMay 24

    Hello all, The docs for Unity Connection 9.x show this erroneous config location for setting the following; Quota Handling for Outside Caller Messages By default, if an outside caller attempts to send a message to a user  whose send/receive quota has

  • Unity Connection Backup issueMay 24

    Hi, we are facing issue while taking backup of Unity connection version . We have unity connection in HA mode. I am sharing the logs of error which I am getting  and snapshot of errror message. Please advise. regds, amanFrom logs, /comm

  • Unity connection Backup fails and can't be canceledMay 24

    Hi All, I'm just wondering if anybody could help me on that case. We have Unity Connection running with a nightly scheduled backup process. Now I was told that since one week ago the Unity won't write new backup files. That was absolutely correct as

  • Where is MToolkit ?May 24

    Under Class Toolkit, getDefaultToolkit() method. The document says: If the system property does not exist, then the default toolkit used is the class named "sun.awt.motif.MToolkit", which is a motif implementation of the Abstract Window Toolkit.

  • Unity Connection Reports error "Failed to generate Report"May 24

    I'm on unity connection when I try to run a report for Text to Speech (and a few other reports)  I get a "failed to Generate Report" error I have tried restarting Tomcat and the Data Harvester with no luck. Any ideas? ThanksHi Son

  • Unity connection error - Notification device settingMay 24

    Hello - I get the following error msg when trying to setup a users notifcation to his cell that is not in the local calling area. Is there anything special needed to allow UC to call properly? CCM doesn't have a restriction? The Phone Number/Extensio

  • Unity Connection COBRAS import errorMay 24

    When importing into Unity Connection 9.1 getting following error: [Thread 009], [14/08/13 04:32:33],     Restoring media stream:Stream type=VoiceName, Owner description=User:Business Hours Reception, Owner ObjectID=9cf32f2a-b81d-42f5-adb9-8501fedd53e

  • Dunno how to use interfaceMay 24

    Hi All, As I can't use jdk1.3 or above, I only can use the sun.awt.robot.Robot and sun.awt.robot.RobotPeer to develop my mouse control program. However, no Robot() constructor is existed in Class Robot, just exist public Robot(sun.awt.robot.RobotPeer

  • Unity Connection upload cert error - unable to generate a hashnameMay 24

    Hi All I tried to upload the Exchange Public key to Unity Connection-Trust folder but got the following error. "Certificate upload failed, unable to generate a hashname" I convert the certificate from CER to PEM format before I upload. I upload

  • Unity Connection User Import ErrorMay 23

    We are using UC version  When I try to import a user, I received following error - Friday, August 3, 2012 9:45:58 AM EDT ERROR importing user (NAME) with extension = XXXXXX : Department input is invalid From Tomcat log, I see - 15:36:0

  • Backup Strategy - Unity Connection?May 23

    Hi, I'm trying to determine a sensible backup strategy for CUC. I note this has a DiRT tool just like Unity, so that's a start I guess. With Unity I use NTBackup to do the daily (incremental) backup work because that's capable of stopping Exchange tr

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