• Is there a way to keep the clock face turned on on my nano 6?  im wearing it as a watchJuly 23

    i want to wear as a watch...is there anyway to keep it from going to sleep?No. And if you could you would need to recharge in less than an hour.Read other 2 answers

  • Parsing X.509 CertJuly 23

    Does anyone know or can point me to where i can find info regarding parsing an X.509 cert please? I need to do this on a smart card so the Library for JS2E does not help ! ThanksHi, thanks for your time Basically I m implementing a PKI application on

  • Is there a way to keep the timeline centered on the playhead while playing?July 23

    Is there a way to keep the playhead centered on the timeline as you're playing back footage? I don't like the way that when I play my timeline the playhead continues playing right off screen.  I'm thinking there must be a setting for this?The playhea

  • SALT and X.509 certJuly 23

    Hi all, We need to verify a cerificate in SALT. Is there a way get access to x.509 object in Tuxedo/SALT? Regards MatsHi Todd, Sorry, I was unclear. I guess it's a good reason for that, I do not understand everything so good to ask the right question

  • To Create X.509  Service Encryption & AuthenticationJuly 23

    Hi, Please tell me as to how to Create X.509  Service Encryption and Authentication in PI7.1 or XI 7.0 Kindly guide me. Thanks Regards, KevinHi, Check this guidelines documentation: http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw70/helpdata/EN/47/15ba80a91e3697e10000

  • Long seedJuly 23

    One of the constructors in the Random class is public Random(long seed) Creates a new random number generator using a single long seed: +public Random(long seed) { setSeed(seed); }+ Used by method next to hold the state of the pseudorandom number gen

  • Is there a way to keep the iPhone clock face on all night to use as a bedside clock?July 23

    I would like to use my iPhone as a bedside clock at night,  but it keeps going to sleep.  Is there a way to keep the clock face on while charging?  Thanks in advance.Watch how the Disappearing Bedside Clock display can be activated without touching i

  • NextBoolean()?July 22

    What exactly does the nextBoolean() method in the Random class do? I went to the API and tried to understand but that explanation was way too confusing. Any help?http://java.sun.com/javase/6/docs/api/java/util/Random.html#nextBoolean() nextBoolean pu

  • Deeper QuestionJuly 22

    Just thinking about this today? How to u think the Random class generates a random number? Its been on my mind lol Cheers, NickJust thinking about this today? How to u think the Random class generates a random number? It's not truly random. It's pseu

  • Asymmetric DistributionJuly 22

    Hello, Does anybody have an idea how I can create an asymmetric distribution random values function? The Random class has only uniform and gaussian distribution functions. Thanks.Use the uniform random distribution, and convert them to your asymmetri

  • Is there a way to stop the light from pulsing when computer is sleeping?July 22

    I am just wondering if there is a way to stop the LED from pulsing while I have the macbook pro closed or in sleep?Personally i leave a lot of files and programs open over a period of time, sometimes weeks. I could never do this with my windows box w

  • I can't using systme.io.ports namespace in my class libraryJuly 22

    i am writing my class library .but the library was set on windows phone 8.0 and i use the serial port ,cause i want also use it on desktop app,and i got this error .You cannot use classes in the System.IO.Ports namespace in a Portable Class Library t

  • Mailer taglibJuly 22

    Hi, I'm currently using the mail taglib from jakarta. I'm downloaded and configured everything in the specs and in my jsp code i have: <mlr:mail server="mail"> <mlr:setrecipient type="to"><%= strTo%></mlr:setrecipi

  • Exponential random numbersJuly 22

    Hi Does anyone know how to generate exponentially distributed random numbers in java.Generate uniformly distributed random numbers and then transform them.Read other 2 answers

  • Is there a way to keep the PB on like a server?July 22

    In the old days of Mac IIs, there is a switch on the rear panel with a flat-head screw driver slot. Turning it 90 deg means even after a power failure it will power on automatically and stay on. Is there something similar, hardware or software, on th

  • RandomizingJuly 22

    Hello, May someone tell me if there is a method i can use to create random numbers in java?Look at Random class. Or Math.random().Read other 3 answers

  • Can I set arguments to startWeblogic.cmd from WLSTJuly 21

    Hello Weblogic 10.0 MP1 I have created a WLST script that creates a weblogic domain - but I haven't be able to figure out how to add arguments to startWeblogic.cmd/startWeblogic.sh in the root of the domain. Its not a option to make the change by han

  • Array relative valuesJuly 21

    Hi. I have an array of different values and need to obtain the values relative to the maximum and minimum. That is, the maxmimum value in the array would be "1" and the minimum would be "0". And all the intermediate values need to be p

  • Array Losing ValuesJuly 21

    I have a script that is conditionally assigning a value of one to a cell of a multi-dimensional array as it loops through it.  Count = 0 ClientData = Session ("ClientData") for each item in ClientData(ExpertReportList) if Count = CLng ( Request(

  • Array - Access  JDBCJuly 21

    Hello, I am using 3D array to deal with set of tables .My problem is related to JDBC. Ex. arr =new int[10][8][4] i.e. use as : 10 tables are there with 8 row & 4 col. This array is full of data now I have to store these tables in MS-Access as tab1,ta

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