• Paint a component without displaying it?July 2

    Is it possible to paint a component (eg. a Button) and get a copy of what it looks without actually displaying the component? I don't want to subclass the component involved, just take a component at be able to (eventually) get a bitmap of what the c

  • Drawing a Component without displaying it.July 1

    What I want to do is obtain a BufferedImage of a Swing component, displaying what it would look like were it on-screen, but at no time do I want the component to be on the screen. All I seem to be able to get is a blank image. This is what I currentl

  • Ora-01033.oracle  initialized or shutdown in progressJuly 1

    i face problem in oracle backup. i take oracle logical backup after 3-4 days. but now the database is run 24*7 days so i set the oracle on archive mode at last night i take the hot backup by alter tablespace user begin backup; hot ocopy E:\ORACLE\ORA

  • Drawing lines with actionscriptJuly 1

    Greetings to the Actionscriptors of the net! I am an artist trying to get flash to randomly redraw this pattern http://www.maverickartist.com/cross.jpg if anyone can help that would be FAN-TAS-TIC Ramafirst I would set the background to black. Build

  • Drawing selected lines with swingJuly 1

    hi folks, i'm having a problem... i need to draw a line on a panel or other, and later this line can be selected to be deleted or other like a argouml , an associate line , with the custom drawline i could'n do this , if anyone know how to do some li

  • Ora-01033 - oracle initializaton or shutdown in progressJuly 1

    ora-01033 - oracle initializaton or shutdown in progress what to do , wait for the system to finish the process sql connect / as sysdba is not workingoradim was used to shutdown the sid . then started the sid with oradim in the task manager i end pro

  • Drawing lines by angleJuly 1

    I am working with a LabView intensity graph and need to designate certain areas of the image for gates. Since the areas we intend to look at a curved this prevents me from using cursors and I have used the Draw Circle by Radius vi to draw arcs for th

  • JScrollPane autoscrollingJuly 1

    'lo. I have a JEditor object wrqpped in a JScrollPane. Every time I use the setText(String text) method of the editor, if the text is quite long, the JScrollPane scrolls automatically to the last row of text in the editor. That means that every time

  • Scrollbar displays when needed. Any event?July 1

    Hi all! I have a scrollpane where the items shown is "tabbed" up from left to rigth in the pane. It is name (a tab) number (a tab) date and that covers the entire scrollpane (this to make som space between the different colums). Now when it is t

  • JFrame that listens when minimized; is this possible?July 1

    Is it possible to have a JFrame that listens for KeyEvents via a KeyListener if the JFrame is minimized and is not currently in focus? For instance, let's say I have a JFrame that I program to perform function X when the letter "y" is pressed. I

  • [GeForce 6] Un-smooth picture movementJuly 1

    Hi! I have a problem with my grapics card. The picture does not move smoothly when playing games. For example, the game "Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2" is problematic. Although my system (see below) should be more than able to run this game perfe

  • MSI K9n2 DiamondJuly 1

    I am curntly running windows XP professional on the 750GB harddrive in my Signutre. I am running a Geforce 9800GT as my grafixs card right now. I have tried aAsus M4A79t with a AMD X3 and two cosiar 2 gig DDR3 chips but was lagging up really bad when

  • When I am in my car, I plug my fm adapter in. It shows that the ipod is plugged in and the stations match, but yet no music comes out, only through the speakers of the Ipod, not the car speakers. Any ideas of what is wrong? ThanksJuly 1

    Keep in mind when other ipods are plugged in, the fm station picks it up right away and music plays through the car's speakers.Disabled Place the iPod in recovery mode using one of these programs: For PC RecBoot: Easy Way to Put iPhone into Recovery

  • Keeping in ForegroundJune 30

    Is there an inobtrusive way to bring/keep a window(JFrame) in the foreground without requiring the cursor focus. I'd like my chat application to have a checkbox that would hold it in the foreground, without taking the cursor from other applications.

  • Ipad will not charge and keeps flipping between Apple icon and battery symbol.June 30

    Please help! Plugged my Ipad in to charge last night and when I got up it was not charged. The screen keeps flipping between the battery icon(which is empty except for thin red line) and Apple icon.I am using the original charger and also treid swith

  • Mulitple graphic classesJune 30

    edit: sorry, double post =( Edited by: tacotaco on Mar 29, 2008 10:29 AMYou use paintComponent(g) and then each object knows how to paint themselves.Read other 2 answers

  • Graphic interfaceJune 30

    Hi everyone ! I have the following problem : I have 2 classes. the second of them containing all the graphical stuff. I'd like to write something in a JEditorPane(called jEditorPane1) of the second class from a method written in the first. I tried a

  • Graphic.setColor(c);  probe!!!!!June 30

    Hi there! I�m trying to do this: public void setForegroundColor(Color c) System.out.println("****************" + c + "************") ;           graphic.setColor(c) ; System.out.println("***************After************") ; B

  • Battery slowly discharges while MagSafe adapter is pluggedJune 30

    Hi, My Macbook Air is behaving really strangely since a few weeks. The power cord is plugged into the wall, the MagSafe adapter is hooked up to the computer, but the battery % is slowly going down. I lose up to 5% of battery life each day, and eventu

  • Unwanted Mulitple Singleton InstancesJune 30

    Hi, I have made a fairly simple singletion class that for some reason is being instatntiated twice. It is called twice by different instances of the same class that are both eventually called from two different RMI server classes (two programs - i'm

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