• Brand New HP x360 is "plugged in, not charging."July 31

    I bought my lap top just over a month ago and this morning I realized that it hadn't charged at all the nigt before. I made sure everything was plugged in, tried different outlets and restarted my computer, but nothing happened. Now I'm down to 6%. I

  • Yoga 13 and battery is plugged in, not charging.July 30

    anyone else have this?  Just started last night after having the device for a few days.  As the battery is sealed up, I can't access it.... Solved! Go to Solution.What is the charge level? If it is more than 60%, then the battery will start charging

  • Wat does it mean when it shows "plugged in-not charging" ?July 30

    probook CNF0270P7S.......os is windows 7Hi: That normally means your battery is fully charged and is not in need of charging. Run the notebook on battery power for 30 -45 minutes or so, and then plug it back in. Now it should indicated "plugged in, c

  • Plugged in Not Charging issue when lapton is onJuly 30

    Hi All: My new HP 15 Notebook PCrunning on windows 8.1 has an issue with battery charging. When laptop is on and plugged into ac adapter it does not charge the battery. It say's "Plugged in not charging". When laptop is shutdown, the battery get

  • Not charging when charger is plugged in.  It says not charging.July 30

    My charger has the green light without being plugged in and when I do plug it in it says not charging.  My mac is from 2011.  How can I fix this? This just started happening, so I am hoping that I can fix it by doing something on my own without havin

  • Applet InroductionJuly 30

    I am trying to run this applet without much success. I am using FreeBSD and the editor is eclipse. I have tried to run the appletviewer from the console in the directory where it is stored with no succes. DoWhileTest.java import java.awt.Graphics; im

  • Computer restarts when nano is plugged inJuly 30

    Whenever i plug my sisters ipod nano into the usb port the computer goes black and restarts immediately.. please helpIt is plugged into the usb port on the front of the tower.. My mom just got a newer nano this weekend and it works fine in the same u

  • Help Putting Code onto a websiteJuly 30

    I made a very simple code (in notepad)... I have a domain name, and I would like to upload my program onto the web page. What must I do to take this source and make it into a program that i can run on my webpage.If it's an applet, compile it, put the

  • "Plugged in, not charging." U430 Problem seems to be with international adapter.July 30

    I am traveling in Italy for work and my laptop won't charge(!). When I hover over the battery icon in my tray, it says "plugged in, not charging." I thought it was the adapter for Italian plugs, so I borrowed a friend's adapter. My computer char

  • RowSet.first() failureJuly 29

    I have learnt how to use JDBC through the use of mySQL, and now I am having to use it on Oracle 8i. I have (eventually) got the database connected, but I can only seem to use resultset.next(). Ideally, I would like to scroll the result sets fully, us

  • Validatin User InputJuly 29

    I tried validating user input as shown below but it does'nt give the user to enter it again. How do i achieve this? try { Number1=JOptionPane.showInputDialog( "Enter Number" ); num1 = Integer.parseInt( Number1 ); catch ( NumberFormatException nf

  • I synced my iPod now I cannot personalize my playlists from itunes when ipod is plugged inJuly 29

    Even when I go to File, the words "New Playlist" and etc are grey and I cannot click it. Help?Hello jlynnb1924, Thank you for using Apple Support Communities. For more information, take a look at: iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows

  • Page MarginJuly 29

    Hi, I have created a page using the transaction SE71 in ECC60 with the page size as 7.5 inches.. But whenever I access that page, I find that the right indent of the page is always set before the end of the right margin. Is there anyway I can change

  • Set page border to docx fileJuly 29

    Hi, I am developing to create docx (word document - 2007) file using java. I created word document but i dont know how to set the page border. I am used docx4j poi to create the docx file. Any one suggest me to set the page border to docx file using

  • Problem with doInitialization()July 29

    I have DynPage: public static class TestPageDynPage extends DynPage {        int param;      * Initialization code executed once per user.     public void doInitialization() {          param = 1;      * Input handling code. In general called the firs

  • ITunes quitting unexpectedly when iPod is plugged inJuly 29

    I have been dealing with this issue for the past week. I spent the last day troubleshooting by myself and with customer support with no luck with either of them. I have tried simply uninstalling and installing iTunes and as advanced as reinstalling M

  • Power loss to computer when iPod is plugged inJuly 29

    Hey all, Just got an iPod 30gb today and I think perhaps my power supply ***** the big one. When I plug in the iPod to usb 1.0, my computer just turns off. It doesn't shut down, it just completely shuts OFF. Any advice? MarkHey All, At 6am a couple o

  • HT5622 When I try to update my apps, it comes up with someone else's email address in the pop up sign in.July 29

    How do I get my sin in to come up?You need to delete those applications and then download them from your Apple ID, which may require repurchasing paid applications. That Apple ID is stored inside the applications and won't be changed by signing into

  • Insert into one partition...July 28

    Can someone tell me how to specify the partition name during insert as below? this stmnt throws error when specifying the partion name. Insert /*+ Append */  into Ideaal_Cons.Tb_Balance_Base (P010)      Balance_Control_Id,      Ing_Acct_Nbr,      Ing

  • HT204053 I have had all my childrens ipods under my apple ID but now want to change their Apple ID to their ow When I try to change their Apple ID whilst ipod is plugged in, it also changes everything else (including my phone). How do I go about doing thiJuly 28

    I have had all my childrens ipods under my Apple ID but now want to change their Apple ID to their own. When I try to change their Apple ID whilst ipod is plugged into Itunes, it also changes the rest of the devices (including my phone). Can someone

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