• Please i need primo 81 4.2 firmware.September 26

    please i need primo 81 4.2 firmware. i upgrade to 4.4 this rom drain the battery i need link for download the rom 4.2 to  reinstall :D. rollbacki fix drain batery problems i root Tablet i delete phonee App drains battery this Tablet no have phonne .

  • [svn] 3084: The Gumbo TextArea now supports scrolling.September 26

    Revision: 3084 Author: [email protected] Date: 2008-09-03 14:36:10 -0700 (Wed, 03 Sep 2008) Log Message: The Gumbo TextArea now supports scrolling. When the Scroller component is ready for use, TextAreaSkin will use it, but for now I've made TextArea

  • Updating iTunes library afteer had drive reformatSeptember 26

    Is there a way to upload songs from an iPod to the iTunes library? I had to reformat my hard drive and was able to upload purchases, but I would like to upload all songs on my iPod as opposed to reloading all the CDs.this gets asked daily. Zevoneer h

  • TextArea Scrolling ProblemsSeptember 26

    Hi all together! I am writing a GUI for a distributed chat and file-sharing application. I provide a chat window very similar to skype, etc, one big textarea for parsing the chat, and one smaller for sending. Logic etc is all working, I am nearly fin

  • "Updating itunes library" deletes my podcasts, playlists, and half my musicSeptember 26

    Twice now when syncing my iPod, I get a message from iTunes "updateing iTunes library. When it is complete, I have lost half of my CD loaded music, all of my podcasts, and all of my playlists. Of note, all of my iTunes purchased library is intact. Wh

  • OpenExternalApp doesn't work!September 26

    Hi! I have developed a simple java application which open an external program with the command OpenExternalApp() (import java.awt.Desktop;). A couple of days later I have developed another java application on the same computer which is also opens an

  • Updating iTunes library in two locationsSeptember 26

    I have one computer, a MacBook Air. I have two houses that I move between so I have a time capsule in each location for backup as well as keeping large data files since my MBA hard drive is tight for space. So I keep my iTunes library and my iPhoto l

  • TransientSeptember 26

    in one of my classes in using a desktop object, when i run my app it gives me a java.io.NotSerializableException: java.awt.Desktop exception. but when i set my desktop object to private transient Desktop desktop then i doesnt give me this error anymo

  • Export edited vcard problemSeptember 26

    Address Book Help refers to check boxes to control what information from Address Book is shown in the exported vcard.  However even with "Enable Private Me" checked in Preferences there are no checkboxes to be found when exporting a vcard other

  • HT5367 Has anyone had shutdown issues after 10.8 upgrade/updates?September 25

    Everytime I shut down my iMac, it goes into the "wait" spin to shut down (even after properly shutting down all applications. Heating doesn't seem to be an issue because I have the airconditioning on to keep the room cool. Should I downgrade bac

  • Method inheritance questionSeptember 25

    class A {      protected static void f1() {           f2();      protected static void f2() {           System.out.println("Class A"); class B extends A {      protected static void f2() {           System.out.println("Class B"); }Prob

  • N95-4 : Random Shutdown IssuesSeptember 25

    So, this is odd. I had an N95-3, which worked great. Upgraded it to an N95-4 in June, and ever since I've had these strange shutdown issues. Firmware v.16, there is no upgrade yet for this model. Done a hard reset. Phone will shut off when not being

  • Versioning in NWDISeptember 25

    Hi All, Is it possible to recover older versions of source code in NWDI? Example: I add an Inputfield today in a View and made a check-in to the NWDI. The next day I make some more changes and check-in again. After a month of development is it possib

  • CAF in NWDISeptember 25

    Hi, I need to develop Java web dynpro callable objects. We are using NWDI 7.0. What all software components should be present in dev. track for CAF? Thanks, DeeptiHi Deepti, you will find information about the required SC's in the following documenta

  • SAPUI5 in NWDISeptember 25

    What sort of SCA dependencies do I need to do UI5 development through NWDI Track. I need to create a track and define dependencies. I know I need the UI5 component. What else do i need? Thank You! Nitin    If you have NWDI, I assume you also do Java

  • Upgrade issues (10.50.1600.1 to 10.50.4000.0)?September 25

    Related to http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/sqlserver/en-US/49492155-c22c-46fe-9e92-b80dd9d95ffb/upgrade-sql-server-from-105016001-to-105040000?forum=sqlsetupandupgrade Any known issues with this upgrade? I'll get a backup of the server first,

  • JSPDynpages in NWDISeptember 25

    Hello All, Can anyone suggest me a tutorial which explains how to develops JSPDynpages using NWDI?Hi, refer the following blogs Overview of the Content Development Process JspDynPage with Client Side Eventing and Database Java development methodologi

  • Overriding / overloading in API docsSeptember 25

    In the API docs for Swing's JComponent, it states the following under setUI(): protected void setUI(ComponentUI newUI) Sets the look and feel delegate for this component. JComponent subclasses generally override this method to narrow the argument typ

  • Upgrade Issues from Lumia 800 to new 625September 24

    Have just tried to upgrade from my Lumia 800 to a new 625 and found a few issues. Having backed up documents and pictures to One Drive from old fone, the new fone could not connect to the One drive App??? Tried a second handaset in the shop with the

  • SAPUI5 in NWDI or Gateway Server?September 24

    Hi Experts We have NWDI and no Gateway Server. What is the best practice for a longterm view on sapui5, should we use NWDI or gateway server for Code control , versioning and transport? Is it wise to invest Gateway Server? if you already have NWDI?If

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