• Black sections in bookmarks list when moving cursor over list.February 10

    When I click to open the bookmarks list and then move the cursor over the list I have sections of the list blacked out although the cursor position is not blacked out thankfully. I have tried uninstalling and reloading firefox, restarting Firefox, bu

  • Howto set mouse cursor theme GDMFebruary 10

    Maybe this will help someone. There is at least one method to set mouse cursor in GDM (according to https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php - 3#p610093): put in /usr/share/icons/default/index.theme the following code: [icon theme] Inherits=$THEME_NAM

  • Iphone 6 will not turn on after reset?February 9

    Iphone 6 will not start after reset.  Screen is black. Apple logo appears for a few seconds then goes back to black screen. How to fix?Make sure that it is charged for at least 10min, then try to connect in recovery mode, explained in this article: I

  • F_IT_01February 9

    Hello, when running F_IT_01 for customers & vendors, the system posts per reconciliation account one amount to the dummy customer/vendor defined in the table TABKT. My Italian client claims that there should be one amount per customer/vendor. Is this

  • IOS 8.3 connectivity problem with iTunesFebruary 9

    I can not connect my iPhones or iPads to Itunes through my computer. I just upgraded to Yosemite and did upgrade on all phones and iPads to IOS8.3. Decided to do a back up today and I get an error message "iTunes cannot read the contents of the iPad/

  • Building own components by composing existing componentsFebruary 9

    Hi I want to expand a textbox with with an input assistent. It should be just like a combobox. A button should be connected with the textbox and if the user clicks the button a panel should be displayed under the textbox just like the itemlist of a c

  • Syncing with ical on mac- problem with itunes 8.1February 9

    I've been successfully syncing my iphone and macbook via USB cable and do so a couple time a day. Most recent efforts (repeated) however result in error message "could not sync calendars to iphone because an error occurred while merging data". N

  • Who do I get help? Updated iso7 causing rotating issuesFebruary 9

    My iPad icons no longer rotate round when on desktop level, how can this be solved ? Is there a setting? It's very annoying as you have to keep rotating the iPad round and round, regards, eustusHey Eustus, There definitely is a setting that we may ne

  • Mail breaks conversation thread - IssueFebruary 9

    Hi, I have a huge mail out conversation thread, and since yesterday it breaked. How can this be solved? I've already rebuild/envelope index and stills bug's me. In gmail it haves like a 100 mail break, but here would gather all the emails. ThanksI ha

  • Sync! iPhone 4s iPad 3/Itunes contacts,calendars etc not sync!February 9

    I have a Iphone 4s. Macbook pro. When you used to start up Itunes If I was on the Iphone or The Ipad I tunes would sync the contacts, calender, bookmarks. and or update them. Now this no longer happens!!! If you pull up I tunes You do not even have t

  • Nokia N8 Play VIA RadioFebruary 9

    After changing the housing, plav-via-radio mode doesnt work. i already re-flashed the firmware, but still. how can this be solved?@Deangreen Whilst we can't discuss disassembly of devices upon this manufacturer's sponsored forum, it would seem that w

  • Using getdate()February 8

    Hello Experts, I am using the below query SELECT *   FROM [dbo].[QUANTITY] where getdate() between fromdate and todate If the todate is null (1900-01-01 00:00:00.000) it just filters them out. I want even the fields with todate to be null in the resu

  • "Revert to Saved" often causing crash in LionFebruary 8

    Hi all.  Since updating to Lion a few months ago, I've found that using the "Revert to Saved" function in the File menu is often causing MS to crash.  It's intermittent though, which makes troubleshooting very difficult. I should also say that I

  • Call interface methodsFebruary 8

    Hi, I hav created a pure actionscript project which defines few methods.What i want to do is to expose an interface for the .swf file generated through this actionscript project created in flex to call swf's methods.This is the following code that i

  • Crash helpdFebruary 8

    Hello, Since the update X.8 I can not access the help center regardless of the application. THERE has crashed and the publication of this report (see below) What to do? With Onyx, I destroyed the caches, I repaired permissions. What do I have to be d

  • Receiver filenameNovember 30

    I saw in lot of post that receiver file name can be dynamically changed using variable substitution.. My requirement is to create a file with following name, "XXXXtimestampZZZZ.txt" Where the XXXX and 'ZZZZ' are fixed. How do I achieve this usin

  • Multiple Property ReplacementNovember 30

    Hi All, I have a requirement to edit the property of iViews in a business object at runtime (something like Multiple Property Replacement but at runtime). The property has to be changed depending on the user who has logged onto the portal. Can anyone

  • 2 nodes 9i RAC, the UNDOTBS1 99% used but UNDOTBS2 0% used. with ORA-01555November 30

    In my 2 nodes 9i RAC env, the UNDOTBS1 99% used but UNDOTBS2 0% used. and with ora-01555 errors. I think it is because the load balance, only node1 receive the new connections, so the UNDOTBS1 is fulled. how to fix it? Need I expand the UNDOTBS1? And

  • Crash crash crash help!November 30

    hi there...well...i have a problem with my imac...i use a couple days cubase 5 (without plugins cracked and etc...i use it just i unpacked it) i bought my imac before one week...so i am new user on mac... my problem is that when i using cubase 5 its

  • 2 nodes 9i RAC UNDOTBS1 99% used but UNDOTBS2 0% used. with ora-01555November 30

    In my 2 nodes 9i RAC env, the UNDOTBS1 99% used but UNDOTBS2 0% used. and with ora-01555 errors. I think it is because the load balance, only node1 receive the new connections, so the UNDOTBS1 is fulled. how to fix it? Need I expand the UNDOTBS1? And

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