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About Us
Mission & Purpose

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Welcome to the Wisconsin Umpires Association!

Founded in 1927, the WUA serves southeastern Wisconsin as a training and developmental organization for baseball and softball umpires. More than 200 men and women belong to the WUA and our members work nearly every level of baseball and softball, from independent minor league baseball to youth leagues. 

Why You Should Belong to an Association

Advocacy: Associations represent members' interests.
Convenience: Associations are a great resource for advice, contacts and inspiration.
Friendship: Members often have many of the same interests and goals.
Give & Take: An association offers a forum to openly discuss many ideas on problems and how to get them solved in a respectful manner.

Congratulations to the Newly Elected WUA Board Members
President Elect: Kevin Grossoehme
Vice President Elect: Mike Scharber
Secretary: Jeff Sinkovec
Director of Training: John Promersberger
Sgt. at Arms: Jeff Blagg
Softball Rep: Dennis Nelson
Baseball Rep: Chris Szolyga

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