• Can annonymous class be treated as final classAugust 27

    Both annonymous classes and final classes cannot be inherted can both be treated as same . What is basic difference between these two classes ..??... and one is marked 'final', which is the reason it can't be subclassed, whereas an anonymous class ca

  • IPod is freezing computerAugust 27

    Sometimes (about 50% of the time) when my iPod is plugged in, either during sync, or during charge after a successful sync, my computer will completely freeze. I have a fairly fast computer, Windows XP, fully upgraded iPod and iTunes, 30GB iPod video

  • ITunes and IPod screwing upAugust 27

    I have a 40 GB photo (don't know gen crap) and itunes 4. IT always worked well, until yesterday. I got some new music on itunes, and wanted to put it to the ipod, and when I plugged the ipod in the the same 2.0 port I always use, it froze itunes. It

  • Why?...vector....class in javaAugust 27

    i was just wondering why... why is it vectors when passed through method from another class lost its data, such that the last inserted element in the vector is the one thatis stored in the whole vector...? this is my code .... in this code snippet v

  • When iPod connected, iTunes freezesAugust 27

    My ipod has been going slow for a about 2 months, then it dies. It stopped working. I recently tried plugging it in to my computer. When I did this, I saw it on my computer. I was really excited so I opened iTunes hoping to update it. When I had iTun

  • Why this anomoly in javaAugust 26

    jdk 1.5 or higher   Integer a1 = 100;  Integer a2 = 100;  System.out.println(a1 == a2); // Printing "true" Integer a1 = new Integer(100);  Integer a2 =  new Integer(100);  System.out.println(a1 == a2); // Printing "false"Why?First off,

  • Itunes freezes when Ipod is plugged into USB ?August 26

    Hi guys My 60gb Ipod is working perfectly but when I plug into the usb port the itunes page freezes. I tried downloading 8.1.1 but it is still the same. Before plugging my Ipod into the PC I am able to scroll through the various menues on itunes and

  • I Forgot App Server Admin PasswordAugust 26

    Hi folks, I forgot my admin password for the application server. Can any body tell me how to get back? Many thanks, J-DEVthe passward is : adminadminRead other 2 answers

  • How do i sync my iphone to my mac? when i plug it in to the usb drive nothing happens, it seems like it is not even plugged in?August 26

    How do i sync my iphone 4 to my macbook pro? when i plug it in to the USB drive nothing pops up and it acts like its not even plugged in, it doesnt charge or anything?You need to run iTunes with the phone connected to the USB port.Read other 2 answer

  • Admin Password when launching app/installerAugust 26

    Hi all!! I'm trying to install a software package (Installer) on my PowerMac and everytime I launch the .dmg file it prompts me for my password as administrator. So I enter my password and it then tells me the function requires an administrator accou

  • ReAccept on Socket Disconnect?August 26

    I have a server application, and that works fine, it opens a socket, allows a connection, and when there is a disconnect, the java app closes, thats by design, but what i want to do now is instead of closing down, i want it to close the socket, and t

  • I need help syncing my songs from my iphone to itunesAugust 26

    So I recently had to get a new hard drive for my laptop and had to re install everything including itunes. So now when I try yo sync my iphone to itunes nothing happens. When my phone is plugged in I can view my songs on my phone in itunes uner a tab

  • Java Extension Installation popupAugust 26

    Hi, I have an applet that I deployed that uses the Java Plugin 1.3.1_01. Everytime I run the applet from IE 6.0 it pops up a dialog box titled "Java Extension Installation" and shows a progress bar while loading the JAR file. Everything works af

  • Do you think that the Sharpening Features useful?August 25

    Hi, I just wanna know that ,do you think the Sharpening,Edge and Noise Reduction features are useful in Aperture? How will you apply it into your photo Edit? How will your step going to tweak around the Intensity,Edge,Falloff,Sharppening and Noise Re

  • Nothing happens when ipod is plugged into computerAugust 25

    When I plug my clickwheel ipod into any of the three computers in my house using the USB cable, nothing happens. The Ipod doesn't charge and the computers don't realize that an ipod has been plugged in. The ipod is, however, still able to charge when

  • Just one question about Java Package.August 25

    Is it true that you always have to use fully qualified name to access different class if you dont use "import"?? I dont know why if two classes in the same package that is not default , one can extend the other without import the package.Is it t

  • Question about ATT Unlocking?August 25

    I bought a AT&T iPhone 4 from my friend, no sim card. He's calling AT&T right now to tell them to unlock it. The thing is, I read that you need an active sim card in the phone to unlock it. I have an AT&T sim card but it's not the one from the

  • Cable Modem reboots when iPhone is plugged in.August 25

    OS: Vista Cable Modem: SBG900 Connectivity: Ethernet cable Problem: Whenever I plug my iPhone into the PC, my Motorola SBG900 cable modem reboots itself. If I disconnect the cat5 cable, and try pluuging the iPhone in the iPhone does NOT reboot itself

  • Question about OC4J classloadingAugust 25

    It turns out that I could put new java class files in WEB-INF/classes, and they will be loaded before those jar files under WEB-INF/lib folder. My question is: Is it mandatory to restart OC4J container after putting new class files in WEB-INF/classes

  • IPhoto 4 auto opens when iPhone is plugged inAugust 25

    Can this annoying preference be stopped? I want applications to run when I want them to run. Thank you in advance.In the Image Capture preferences set the When Camera is attached option to 'Do Nothing'. Regards TDRead other 3 answers

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