• Switch 10 SW5-012 CPU frequency drops when charger is plugged inAugust 29

    any solve? acer aspire e 5 471 5715 here with the same problemHi, I had the same problem: 0,48GHz if charger was plugged in. I found a quite simple solution by setting the power options to standard while operating the system in battery mode. Afterwar

  • Charger is plugged in but says its notAugust 29

    My charger is plugged but icon on screen says its not. My phone will not chargeGet a flashlight and inspect the charging port. It's not unusual for pocket lint to get trapped inside and interfer with the connection. You can usually remove it with a t

  • Charger is plugged in but my battery isn't charging it's decreasing. What can I do?August 29

    Hello, I've recently had my screen replaced on my iPhone 4s. I've got my phone back today and started to charge it up. It has the charging icon on the phone but the phone isn't charging and the battery is decreasing in power. I've also recently updat

  • Method SI_Score() for SI_PositionalColorAugust 29

    Hi, When I perform image comparing by using positional color with method SI_Score() for SI_PositionalColor, the result is 0.054611474275589 for the following images: I have expected that the images are not so similar with respect to their positional

  • Method getAnnotations() always return 0 length arrayAugust 29

    Hi guys, I am trying to use annotation so I can dynamically create some components in order to build a panel. However I am facing some problems. I have the following annotation: public @interface ActionAnnotation {     Class[]  paramType();     Strin

  • Overloading vs PolymorphismAugust 29

    What is the exact difference between Overloading and Polymorphism?Overloading can refer to a number of methods with the same name, but different signatures. eg. Overloading a constructor: public class Example       String name = "";       int va

  • Help Connect 4...!!August 28

    Please, we are students and we have some doubts... We are trying to make the connect 4 game, but we have several problems. We would like some help, If some of your could teld us where is the problem, we would be very pleased. May be some of you could

  • Where is String.valueOf(short s)?August 28

    I just noticed the strangest thing. The method: "String String.valueOf(short s);" is missing from the [official API|http://java.sun.com/javase/6/docs/api/java/lang/String.html] I see how "best match" method overloading works. But then

  • ITunes freezes when iPod Touch is plugged in, even after iTunes updatedAugust 28

    Apple is beginning to out-Microsoft Microsoft. No fix despite literally thousands of instances of this problem strewn through many sites on the internet over months, maybe years. We shouldn't have to uninstall/reinstall, do this do that, etc. We pay

  • ITunes freezes when an iPod is plugged inAugust 28

    iTunes was working fine earlier today, but I left home with my iPod (after ejecting it properly) and when I got back I plugged my iPod in and iTunes froze. My iPod is the last generation of non-color screen iPod's (with the grey click-wheel). I also

  • Document for ProposalAugust 28

    Hi, I am asked to create a document that clearly spells out how much time and effort it will take to finish a small flat file load. Are there documents or links I can look at for reference? What all do i need to cover? ThanksHi, 1.Defining the source

  • Class Object - namingAugust 28

    What restrictions are imposed on a ClassObject name? Punctuation, spaces, length etc? What are the restrictions on DATABASEOBJECTNAME?The ClassObject name and Attribute name may be any Java String. It will be forced to uppercase by the repository. It

  • ITunes freezes when I plug my in my iPod to Vista computerAugust 28

    I can run iTunes just fine, but as soon as I connect my iPod, iTunes freezes. The only way to unfreeze is to unplug my iPod without disconnecting properly, then iTunes returns to normal. The thing that I don't get is my iPod worked just fine with Vis

  • Number helpAugust 28

    my bill has many texts between one of our lines and another number with another carrier. Is it possible to do a reverse cell lookup and trace the number being texted to and from one of ourWho is the account owner?  Who pays the bill?  If yo are seein

  • StartAngle in PieChart3D can't be bound?August 27

    I want to rotate a pie chart so that the pie slices at the back can be spun around to the front. I thought that startAngle: bind slider.value would work, given that I have a slider defined like this: var slider = Slider { translateY: 10 translateX: 1

  • Big problems syncing iDevices, iTunes freezes occasionallyAugust 27

    Using Windows 7 32bit, Itunes, iPad 16gb, iPod Touch 8gb 4th gen I am having problems trying to sync my iPad and iPod Touch. When either device is plugged in iTunes freezes at 30 seconds a time when I try doing things, sometimes just not re

  • Can annonymous class be treated as final classAugust 27

    Both annonymous classes and final classes cannot be inherted can both be treated as same . What is basic difference between these two classes ..??... and one is marked 'final', which is the reason it can't be subclassed, whereas an anonymous class ca

  • IPod is freezing computerAugust 27

    Sometimes (about 50% of the time) when my iPod is plugged in, either during sync, or during charge after a successful sync, my computer will completely freeze. I have a fairly fast computer, Windows XP, fully upgraded iPod and iTunes, 30GB iPod video

  • ITunes and IPod screwing upAugust 27

    I have a 40 GB photo (don't know gen crap) and itunes 4. IT always worked well, until yesterday. I got some new music on itunes, and wanted to put it to the ipod, and when I plugged the ipod in the the same 2.0 port I always use, it froze itunes. It

  • Why?...vector....class in javaAugust 27

    i was just wondering why... why is it vectors when passed through method from another class lost its data, such that the last inserted element in the vector is the one thatis stored in the whole vector...? this is my code .... in this code snippet v

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